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Welcome to our Patient Portal, a comprehensive platform designed to address your inquiries and streamline your experience. Once you’ve set up your account access, you’ll unlock a multitude of features at your fingertips. Of course, should you prefer a personal touch, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (314) 926-0080.

With our Hearing Health Patient Portal, you can:


  1. Access and Manage Your Statements: Easily view and make payments for your statements, all in one convenient place.
  2. Schedule Appointments: Take charge of your health by scheduling appointments at your convenience.
  3. Secure Communication: Connect with us through our secure platform via email and other communication methods, ensuring your privacy and convenience.
  4. Review Your History: Access your past appointments, reports, and test results, so you’re always in the know.
  5. Complete Patient Forms: Streamline your administrative tasks by viewing and completing patient forms online.
  6. Educational Resources: Explore our Videos section for instructional content, including How-To videos on cleaning your hearing devices, changing batteries, and other essential functions.


At the Hearing Consultants, we’re dedicated to providing you with accessible, user-friendly tools to enhance your hearing care experience. We invite you to explore our Patient Portal and make the most of your journey to better hearing.

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