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At our practice, we are dedicated to meeting all of your hearing care needs. We will collaborate with you to identify and address any issues related to your hearing using cutting-edge equipment and the latest technology. Discover more about our patient-focused approach below.

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Hearing Evaluation

During your hearing evaluation, we will gather a detailed case history, perform cerumen/earwax removal, conduct a thorough auditory assessment that includes air/bone conduction and word recognition tests, and have a discussion about your results, including the type and severity of your hearing loss. If necessary, we will also provide a medical referral.

Hearing Aid Consultation

During your consultation, we will talk about the various styles of devices available, including monaural and binaural hearing options. We will also discuss the background noise reduction capabilities of hearing aids and whether you are interested in Bluetooth and app connectivity. Additionally, we will determine if you require a telecoil.

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Electroacoustic Analysis

During this analysis, our main focus is to implement quality control measures that guarantee the devices meet the manufacturer’s specifications and operate as intended.

Hearing Aid Fitting Orientation

During the hearing aid fitting and orientation stages, we go over the specifics of the devices, how to insert and remove them, proper maintenance, and adjusting volume or programs.

Additionally, we discuss the expectations you may have as you adapt to hearing in a completely new way. It’s important to note that hearing aids alone may not guarantee immediate success in communication. To ensure the best outcome, proper counseling is crucial. This helps you and your primary communication partner(s) develop effective strategies to make the most of the assistance provided by the hearing aids.

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Demonstrating real-ear measurement with console.A woman's ear wearing real-ear measurement equipment

Speech Mapping and Verification

Real-Ear measurements serve as a probe-tube verification method that enables your audiologist to ensure that the programming of your hearing aids matches the prescription for your hearing loss.

Ongoing Follow Up & Care

We understand the importance of your hearing journey and are dedicated to providing you with the best experience. That’s why we provide a 45-day trial period, a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 or 4 years, and service included throughout the entire warranty period.

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