Our licensed audiologists will help you choose a hearing aid that is most appropriate for you and your lifestyle. A Hearing Aid Evaluation will be scheduled to discuss hearing aid styles, technology levels, features, pricing and your lifestyle needs/wants. We will take time to ensure that all of your questions are answered and any concerns you may have are addressed.



Hearing aids are available in three technology levels. Our licensed audiologists will help you choose the device and technology level that matches your lifestyle.

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Hearing Aid Styles

All levels of technology are available in a variety of colors and styles.

All BTE & RITE hearing aid models are available in a variety of casing colors.

Custom hearing aids (ITE/ITC/CIC) are available in skin-tone colors.

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Hearing Aid Features

Discover some of the advanced features offered with today’s hearing aid technology, discussed here.

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Hearing Aid Apps

Now you can connect with your hearing aids, straight from your phone! Hearing aid manufacturers now offer the following Apps for your smartphone.

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Along with your hearing aids, you may choose to purchase innovative accessories. Each manufacturer has a selection of accessories compatible with many of their hearing aids. Look here to find the accessories that are perfect for you and your lifestyle!

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Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with one of our Audiologists to have your hearing tested and discuss the options available based on your individual hearing and lifestyle.

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