Now you can connect with your hearing aids, straight from your phone! Hearing aid manufacturers now offer the following Apps for your smartphone.

  • Oticon ConnectLine™ App pairs the iPhone with Streamer Pro 1.2, in order to select input sources, adjust volume, choose programs, name programs and much more.
  • Oticon Hearing Diary is available as an iPhone App and also works on your iPad. Now you can rate your important listening situations, and send your feedback immediately to your Hearing Care Professional. This App is quick, intuitive, practical and discreet and helps you track your progress.
  • ReSound LiNX2 offers a superior sound experience – setting new performance standards. It is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid with direct sound streaming, and it can be personalized to your every need.  The Android app can personalize the hearing aids, working as a remote control, and has a “find my hearing aids” feature.
  • ReSound SmartTM, an iPhone app, allows you to tailor your hearing experience – perfectly matching your own preferences. Easily. Discreetly. And straight from your iPhone.
  • Siemens miniTek® Remote app transforms an Android™ smartphone into a convenient, discreet control for your miniTek. This app’s interface looks just like the miniTek—making it extremely easy to use.
  • Starkey Halo allows you to control your hearing experiences with the breakthrough Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid and TruLink™, Starkey’s personalized hearing control app. Halo hearing aids are engineered to work with your iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®, so FaceTime® and phone calls, music, videos and more stream directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality – no background buzzing and whistling.